Our extensive experience allows us to create furniture for public spaces. The carpentry Italve Bonvetti in fact produces furniture and facilities for shopping malls, hotels, banks, restaurants and offices, meeting all aesthetic and architectural requirements. The end result is as unique as for housing.


For kitchens carpentry Italve Bonvetti offers a full range of choices tailored to satisfy all aesthetic requirements. A bit of imagination, strength and security are all the ingredients for decorating with style your kitchen.

The carpentry Italve Bonvetti furnishes carefully the space night with custom cabinets and accessories for the bedroom. Choose between classic or contemporary style will be imaginative and every room will have your signature.

For woodworking Italve Bonvetti quality is a principle, for this reason, in the realization of the furniture, we use only quality materials, which are worked with special treatments, the result of a complet craft experience that gives each furniture a natural look, modern or classic. You can choose between living furniture, tv furniture, bookcases, bathroom furniture, wooden stairs and more.